From Teachers, Staff & Volunteers:

“Thank you for … all your hard work making the sessions so positive for the group. They have got a huge amount from it and I wish we could carry on. I shall recommend it to other schools” – School staff

“It’s been such a pleasure to work alongside someone so passionate about making these kids feel accepted, believed in and valued” – Volunteer assistant

“[the head is] very keen to evaluate the impact so I’ll be looking into this to highlight how good it has been for the students” – School staff

From Attendees:

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had”

“My favourite bit was,    ,     ,     , EVERYTHING!”

“I’m happy people here have helped me deal with my anger”

“Fridays are the only day I like coming in to school because I get to come here’”

“When it gets to Thursday I’m like great!” (Our sessions were on Fridays with this group)