School Sessions

Alternate Provision for Secondary Students

BroadTree specialise in providing interventions and support for secondary age children using age appropriate Forest School techniques. We’ve seen dramatic improvements with the students attending our sessions, and have received excellent feedback from both School staff and students.

We specialise in weekly group or individual sessions. Our support lasts for a minimum of one half term, and whole year bookings are available at a discounted rate.

Our aim is to give every child space to learn empathy, teamwork and compromise from great role models who believe in them.

We achieve this by creating emotionally safe outdoor spaces for students where we affirm their potential and help them to learn more about themselves, others and how to better interact as a group. We model appropriate behaviour and reflection, and encourage a growth mindset with positive language.


Working Together- Forest School & Traditional Education

We currently work with a large secondary school in Bath with excellent results and feedback, and currently have capacity to provide sessions to other schools. We provide all kit, activities, and an appropriately trained session leader. Schools provide transport to/from our site (or their own site), an insured member of staff that knows how to have fun, and appropriately dressed students.

We’ve found the optimal group size to be between 10 and 12, and take a maximum of 12 students per session. We provide schools with detailed session feedback which we hope can be used to further tailor student support, and can provide progress assessments if required.

Because there are no shortcuts or golden bullets, we have a minimum session length of 2 hours, with sessions taking place weekly for at least 1 half term, planned as a consistent group of both students and assistants.

We have use of a site in Bath next to the Lansdown racecourse, and work with anyone within a reasonable journey length of this site across Bath, Somerset and East Bristol. If your school is further away, we can come to you if you have a suitable location.

We would love to hear from you if you’re looking for alternate provision to help your students. Please contact us now to discuss your needs and how we can help.


The Forest School Approach

Forest School is a movement that combines physical adventure, free social play, positive role models, choice and time with nature.

BroadTree specialise in creating opportunities for learners to grow emotionally and socially. We use natural outdoor spaces to facilitate groups having positive learning experiences. The session leader keeps everyone safe and acts as a positive role model, while suggesting activities and creating appropriate choices for the group.

We define success as students working together effectively, and learning by trying something new. This draws heavily on Carol Dweck’s work on the ‘Growth Mindset’ where mistakes are reframed as positive events that result in opportunities to discover and understand more about a topic or process, and learn the art of reflection, tenacity and persistence.

Our sessions have helped students improve their resilience, self esteem and emotional literacy. We find improvements in these areas naturally result in improved behaviour and attention span in the classroom and at home.