School Sessions

Alternate Provision for Secondary Students

How different would your work day be if your students were receiving engaging weekly support specifically created to reverse the trend of worsening mental health statistics?

How would your students lives and education outcomes change if they had an environment where they could safely blow off some steam, experiment with social skills and grow in confidence?

Are you looking for evidenced support for students with challenging behaviour, low self esteem, or adverse circumstances?

BroadTree exists to help all secondary age students flourish and succeed. We make it easy for schools to provide evidenced reasonable adjustments that genuinely work, which remain effective long after we’ve left.

Everything we do enables young people to further their confidence, self regulation and kindness. We’ve witnessed dramatically positive changes in the children we’ve supported by using role modelling and positive learning experiences as vehicles to explore these skills.

We guarantee amazing growth and change in the children we work with, and we offer both 1:1 and group sessions to suit you and your students.


What Makes us Different?

Our approach is relational, respectful and creates a safe space where students feel encouraged to experiment with skills like kindness and working together. Role modelling is key for us and is one of the primary means we use to help young people learn skills like effective communication, self awareness, and self regulation.

Time and time again we’ve seen our support improve the confidence, kindness and regulation of students we work with. Schools and professionals like you agree- of the three schools we work for, the SENCO of one said we are the best AP they use, another arranged a single term intervention and then when they saw the results have found the budget to continue it longer term, and the third have described the intervention as miraculous.

We’re proud of our uniquely supportive, trauma informed approach, and guarantee your students will have enjoyable sessions where they build their confidence, improve their ability to contain themselves and experience learning and trying new things in a positive way.

The Forest School framework is at the heart of what we do- it’s an excellent way to create enjoyable spaces where students can choose how and when they take risks and try new things. Activities like fire lighting, whittling, team games and trust activities are used as vehicles to explore kindness, teamwork and appropriate behaviour.

We’re currently working with three local secondary schools and have seen massive improvements with the students we support, and currently have capacity to offer sessions to other schools.


Working Together- Forest School & Traditional Education

There are no shortcuts or golden bullets in this work, so our group and individual work is a minimum of 12 weekly sessions, with a group session length of 2-4 hours, planned as a consistent group of both students and assistants. 1:1 sessions can be between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

For group work we’ve found the optimal group size to be between 8 and 12, and take a maximum of 12 students per session. We provide schools with session reports to demonstrate the effectiveness of the support to OFSTED, SLT and similar.

Schools provide an insured member of staff that knows how to have fun, and appropriately dressed students. We provide all kit, activities, risk assessments, and an appropriately trained session leader. Our staff are DBS checked, qualified and BroadTree are fully insured should anything happen.

We would love to work with your students! If you’d like to join the three secondary schools in BANES who are already working with us, or want to talk more about what we do, please get in touch using the details below!


Find Out More

If you’re looking for alternate provision or support for your students, we’d love to talk about how we can work together. Contact us now to express interest- either through email, by phone on 07891 685606, or use the form below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!