Things that have inspired us


Here are a few books that have dramatically positively shaped our practise. We hope they help you too.

The Whole Brain Child, Siegel & Bryson This forms a cornerstone of what we do. We think that parents, teachers, anyone in regular contact with children- especially children with difficult behaviour, will see their lives really improve by practising what’s in this book. It’s super accessible, and is the basis for everything we do.

The simple guide to Child Trauma, Betsy De Thierry – A great introduction to tricky behaviour in children (well, everyone). If you’ve ever looked at a unhappy child and thought ‘I have no idea whats going on and everything I’ve tried to do hasn’t helped’- this book contains the information that’ll help you help them better next time. De Thierry has numerous other simple guide books and we recommend all of them.

The simple guide to sensitive boys, Betsy De Thierry – Ever looked at how boys are treated by society and felt uneasy? Or maybe you’re aware the male suicide rate is 3x the female suicide rate, and you’ve gone ‘hmm, is this healthy?’. If so, try reading this book. It puts language around those implicit messages, and explains some of the problems with the current societical view of gender norms, which enabled us to create sessions and dynamics that help, rather than hinder, those that feel like they don’t fit ‘normal’.

The courage to be disliked and The courage to be happy are truly excellent books that outline a different way of interacting with ourselves and others which makes life dramatically easier. We’d stumbled across a few of the ideas ourselves as we kept trying to tune our practise to best suit the children we work with, and a few of the ideas enabled us to shortcut to better ways of working.

Nonviolent Communication, Marshall B. Rosenberg This is what the english language GCSE and A level syllabus should be, in our opinion. This book teaches a fantastic method of communicating. We’ve adopted the concepts within wholeheartedly with excellent results.

Nurtureshock, Bronson & Merryman This book clearly distills a lot of scientific research around how to best nurture children- some of the points are suprising because it’s not always inherently obvious! Check out the first chapter free here.