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I’m aware BroadTree sessions involve spending time outdoors in nature and proceed in almost all weather. I’m expecting my child to build and cook on fires, climb trees, play running games, use tools like knives and saws, build shelters, and engage in risky play, etc. I’m aware devices should be left at home due to the risk of loss or damage.

I recognise the potential for my child to experience injury and/or death at sessions. I accept that risky play carries an inherent level of risk, and want my child to be involved. I’m aware BroadTree manage risk to be ‘as low as necessary’, not ‘as low as reasonably practicable’. I know other settings exist that provide lower risk environments, and I am freely choosing to send my child to BroadTree. I’m aware risk assessments are viewable on request.

I consent to my child participating in these activities, and I understand and accept that subject to statutory rights, BroadTree accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage sustained by me or my child whilst at BroadTree sessions.

I consent for my child to receive first aid as deemed appropriate by the session first aider, and for my child to receive emergency treatment from healthcare professionals.

BroadTree collect & record personal data including, next of kin contact details, medical conditions, session reports and photos to keep everyone safe and provide our service. We will never sell your data to third parties, and will only share it with your permission or in cases described in our privacy policy on our website (

Medical Info

Does your child have (or have a history of) any of the following? (tick all that are relevant)

Can we give the following medication if deemed appropriate by the session first aider?


I’ve read, understood and agree to the content of this document & BroadTree’s privacy policy, and want my child to be involved in sessions. I’m expecting to collect my child smelling of smoke, muddy, with new bumps, scrapes and cuts, and having run a lot.

I confirm this is an accurate record and will inform BroadTree Ltd if anything changes.

By clicking the “Submit” button below you are confirming that the information here is correct to the best of your knowledge.