What to wear at Forest School

Irrespective of the weather, we ask that you send your children with a spare jumper/ light coat and a bottle of water in their bag. We carry a small amount of spare warm clothing just in case, but can’t kit out the whole group so please ensure your child is appropriately dressed.

Layering over the core is one of the best ways to stay warm- so if your child gets cold easily or the forecast is particularly chilly, give them an extra top or two.

Check out our clothing video guide below!

Getting kit on a budget

Ebay search ‘Wicking shirt kids’ (for some reason the order matters!) – there lots of different sizes and styles for about a fiver. On the high street, TK Maxx and Sports Direct are normally good stores for activewear bargains.

You can find out more about the Craghoppers windproof trousers I mention here.  They do trousers for kids and adults, as well as thermally lined trousers for super cold weather. They’re a bit pricey but well worth it if you spend a lot of time outside.

Winter/ Cold sessions

Getting cold is one of the main factors affecting enjoyment of sessions, particularly in the UK. As a general rule of thumb it’s easier, cheaper and more comfortable to be wet and warm than it is to be dry and cold.

We recommend tech T shirts made from man-made ‘tech’ or ‘sport’ fabrics- eg polyester, polyproylene, merino wool, etc, that stay warm when wet. Short sleeved shirts can be worn both winter and summer. Look for key words like ‘active’, ‘sport’, and ‘wicking’, and avoid anything with cotton on the label.

Our favourite jumpers are the fleece style ones, as these are warm wet or dry, and dry quickly. They’re most effective paired with a thin windproof or waterproof coat, preferably with a hood.

Trousers can be tricky as the only commonly available choices are tracksuit bottoms and jeans. We have a strong preference for tracksuit bottoms here, as wet jeans are cold and very unpleasant to wear, especially outdoors. If your child is doing a lot of outdoor activities in cold weather we highly recommend trying out some craghoppers windproof trousers or similar.

Shoes- Wellies with thick socks, or proper boots. Wellies and thin socks are extremely cold, as are tennis shoes and thin trainers. Be sure the shoe is not tight, as this will restrict blood flow also resulting in cold feet.

Decent hats and gloves are provided, but please feel free to supply your own if you don’t mind them getting muddy!