16/08/19 Holiday Session

Hello, this is written to give you a flavour of what happens at our holiday sessions! If you have any comments on this or would like full size copies of the photos of your children here, please let us know by emailing broadtreeltd@gmail.com.

The first 30 minutes of a session is pretty much identical. We introduce ourselves, go through our rules ( Stay safe, be kind, have fun), agree where the boundaries are, what to do if you don’t like dogs and one comes towards you, etc, and go through names so everyone knows each other a bit.

Given the weather we started off with the obvious choice- setting up a waterproof den! Whilst the adults worked on the boring plastic one which we spent a good couple of hours in later on, the children made a far more interesting one- although it wasn’t quite as practical!

Once the den was completed, we moved on to a game of 40:40 in which was well received. One round the kids tried hiding on the other side of the tree to the counter, so they could get in straight away- thus ‘winning’ immediately. They were able to reflect that doing that meant they had less fun.

We shortly moved on to capture the flag, and a couple of rounds in there was a dispute about who was what side of the boundary and who tagged who. With some direction, the group were able to come up with several ways to sort that kind of dispute out in future, and recognised they would have had more fun if they were able to sort it themselves without an adult getting involved. I love these moments- I feel like they’re deeply important to healthy child development!

Then the rain started. Under the trees you get a couple of hours for free as the dense canopy cover provides a lot of protection. So we moved on to fire starting and kindling splitting, which were hugely popular!

We were rushing slightly to beat the weather, but the wind meant we soon had a roaring blaze going! As usual, we cooked and toasted everything we could get our hands on. Warm smoky carrot was apparently quite good.

Marshmallows and cinnamon apples made an appearance as usual, and then we moved on to a bit of whittling under the tarp to hide from the rain, which by this stage had penetrated the canopy and was starting to seriously come down, so the camera went away.

After a break for custard creams and hot ribena, we finished off with a game of meet a tree, before doing our goodbye routine and heading back to the car park. Despite the weather we had a great time, and would love to see these children again!

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