09/08/19 Holiday Session

Hello, this is written to give you a flavour of what happens at our holiday sessions! If you have any comments on this or would like full size copies of the photos of your children here, please let us know by emailing broadtreeltd@gmail.com.

The first 30 minutes of a session is pretty much identical. We introduce ourselves, go through our rules ( Stay safe, be kind, have fun), agree where the boundaries are, what to do if you don’t like dogs and one comes towards you, etc, and go through names so everyone knows each other a bit.

We started out with the children choosing to do a game of manhunt, which was really well engaged with and took quite some time with some excellent hiding spots chosen!

After this we moved on to a simultaneous tree climbing / den building moment,

We had a slightly early lunch and fire, complete with marshmallows and cinnamon apples- because the forecast suggested it might get a bit wet later on which isn’t so good for fires!

After lunch we did some whittling and another game of manhunt. Unfortunately manhunt got cut short by a first aid moment where someone had slightly cut themselves whilst whittling by cutting towards themselves instead of away- despite our warnings to the contrary!

The girls had a go with some fire lighting, and the weather meant they were able to safely experiment with holding wood wool by keeping the flame downwind. I wouldn’t normally be comfortable with this, but the consistent wind meant the risk of anything going wrong was extremely low.

At this stage the group had relaxed into the session, and were generating ideas themselves. We loved watching them invent games with ropes, be silly on the hammocks, make their own rope swing, and enjoy the forest.

It was a great day. We were very blessed to only feel a few drops of rain throughout the whole day, and when it was time to leave, it felt like it had come far too soon. We’re looking forward to next week! Are you interested? Book on here!

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