02/08/2019 BroadTree Holiday Session

Hello, this is written to give you a flavour of what happens at our holiday sessions! If you have any comments on this or would like full size copies of the photos of your children here, please let us know by emailing broadtreeltd@gmail.com.

The first 30 minutes of a session is pretty much identical. We introduce ourselves, go through our rules ( Stay safe, be kind, have fun), agree where the boundaries are, what to do if you don’t like dogs and one comes towards you, etc, and go through names so everyone knows each other a bit.

We started with a lot of talk about fortnite, but were soon hard at work making a den which was incredibly imaginative and complicated. There was strong teamwork, with the whole group fully involved in the creative process.

The hammock, a new addition, was much enjoyed, and we are planning to get a second during the summer.

We ate lunch in our new den, then proceeded to a nearby ancient woodland (Pipley Wood) for an afternoon exploration. The children were particularly enamoured with the idea of the stream that runs through it- but it was practically dry when we got to it! Undetterred they continued to explore the woodland.

When we got back we got the fire lit, and enjoyed cinnamon apples and marshmallows, before finishing with a game of 40:40 in.

Everyone left looking forward to their next session, or wanting to come back again! We’re loooking forward to next week, where we have a much larger group booked on already. It’s not too late to join us! Head to our Eventbrite page to book on.

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