31/05/2019 BroadTree Holiday Session

Hello, this is written to give you a flavour of what happens at our holiday sessions! If you have any comments on this or would like full size copies of the photos of your children here, please let us know by emailing broadtreeltd@gmail.com.

The first 30 minutes of a session is pretty much identical. We introduce ourselves, go through our rules ( Stay safe, be kind, have fun), agree where the boundaries are, what to do if you don’t like dogs and one comes towards you, etc, and go through our name game so everyone knows each other’s names.

The first activity the group chose was den making, which soon escalated into an elaborate exploration of trading, negotiation and borders; complete with escorts and trading envoys. Whilst this unfolded I was impressed by the co-operation and compromise, and highly social nature of what was going on.

One of the (many) dens made during the day!

During planning I’d noticed this was a slightly older group, most of whom I’ve seen before, so I chose to bring the whittling knives thinking it could be a good activity to offer. By mid morning the two trading game was becoming stale, and I had a request from one child to do whittling.

I needed everyone to know what to do whilst knives and tools are in use, so gathered up the group and we all worked out how we would stay safe. Six out of eight wanted to try whittling, so we further discussed with these six what they would need to do- how to protect their important arteries, the importance of cutting away from you, staying away from others using knives, etc etc. The group were really switched on so we found some decent wood and got started!

It all went quiet in the forest, and wasn’t long before spears, knives, spoons and forks were taking shape. Shortly after I was being asked for string, and bows and arrows started being made, some capable of propelling an arrow over 5 metres- an impressive distance for a woods project!

After a while, hands were tired and it was time for lunch. We usually have a lunchtime fire and today was no exception, and like usual almost every conceivable item was toasted- from apples, to cheese sandwhiches. Once everyone had finished their lunch, we provided a couple of treats- the classic marshmallows, and cinammon sugar apple pieces.

After lunch we had a game of manhunt; the first round was very high energy and went down incredibly well, no doubt bouyed by the winner getting one of the final marshmallows, but the second round never actually ended. Everyone got bored and wondered back to base camp, resuming whittling, den making, or experimenting with making their own fires. One pair chose to try to make fire without getting any assistance from adults- and it was a success!

We finished off with our standard goodbye routine before helping set down camp, and walking back to meet parents at 4pm.

Thanks for a great day, and we hope to see you again soon! As always, follow us on social media to hear about future sessions!

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Feedback Wanted (Free Session Competition!)

We’re looking for feedback, and are giving away a free session (redeemable before 30/06/2020) to one random person who fills out our short survey. Interested? Fill out the survey here. Responses must be received by 14/06/2019 to be entered into the prize draw.

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