BroadTree Holiday Session, 12/04/2019, Easter

Hello, this is written to give you a flavour of what happens at our holiday sessions! If you have any comments on this or would like full size copies of the photos of your children here, please let us know by emailing

As always, we started with our rules (Stay safe, be kind, have fun) and standard introduction- our names, where the toilet is, what to do if you don’t like dogs and one comes towards you, etc, and then played the name game so everyone knew each other’s names, before going in to a round of manhunt.

Once we’d found everyone, we got in the group shelter for a few minutes to warm up because it was a cold morning! After this we split into 3 groups and each group built their own fire until lunchtime, when we enjoyed toasting sandwiches (and everything else in the lunch box!).

After lunch it really warmed up, and we enjoyed capture the flag, 40:40 in, roasted marshmallows and an extended period of child led activities, which featured a lot of stick swordfights. The children were impressively safety conscious and sensible during this activity!

After the marshmallows, we put the fire out, sampled some wild garlic, had some tree climbing and den making time which resulted in a drum kit den (yes!), and finished with a big group game of hide and seek!

We had a really good time and hope to see your children again in the May half term! Keep an eye on our social media for dates.