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We run Forest School sessions for older children from a beautiful woodland in Bath, next to the racecourse. We provide sessions to secondary schools during term times, and directly to parents for children aged 9+ during school holidays.

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What is Forest School?

Forest Schools use natural outdoor spaces to facilitate groups having positive learning experiences. The session leader keeps everyone safe and acts as a positive role model, while suggesting activities and creating choices for the group so learners have opportunities to grow emotionally and socially.

BroadTree Forest Schools’ aim is for each group to learn more about co-operation, teamwork and decision making without requiring the session leader to continually referee or interfere. We do this by deliberately creating space for the group to come to agreement, whilst the session leader models active listening and reflection, and encourages learners to behave in a way that maximises group enjoyment.

Natural outdoor settings are used because they’re scientifically proven to help people regulate, improve resilience, and positively benefit both mental and physical health; as well as providing the space needed for the group to properly gel.

Activities are primarily bushcraft based, taking advantage of the natural setting to create positive learning experiences, improving learners’ confidence, self esteem and tenacity, and our testimonials confirm they’re also great fun!

Cooking marshmallows around a campfire

What does a session look like?

We offer a wide range of activities involving fires, tools, woodland exploration, teambuilding and trust games, campfire cooking, tree climbing and creating artwork from woodland materials. School sessions are a minimum of 2 hours, and holiday sessions run all day.

Sessions are planned in advance but learner led on the day, and we we normally end by asking the group what they want to do at the next session. We love working longer term with a similar group because we find this is the best way for the attendees to improve their soft skills, resilience, and self awareness.

All activities are risk assessed, and we’re fully insured. We pride ourselves on providing physically and emotionally safe spaces for all attendees, and deliberately use our words to build up and affirm young people whilst helping them understand more about themselves and others.

Children helping each other climb a tree

Who’s it for?

During school holidays we work with 9-13 year olds, and during term time we provide sessions to secondary students of any age at secondary schools.

We work with older children than most Forest Schools, because we believe every age group benefits from getting outside and spending time with nature.

We can provide birthday party sessions for children aged 9+, please contact us for more information.

Find out more

Feel free to browse our website to book a holiday session or learn more, or if you want to learn about how we can partner with your school please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!